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Home Ventilation – Key to healthy living & dry homes

SAM – Home Ventilation System

Installing a SAM solar powered home ventilation system will improve indoor air quality, as it removes moisture accumulated in your home. It will also ensure healthy living for you and your family, whilst the solar heat from the solar heating system will reduce your heating bills.

Solar Air Ventilation System Improves Indoor Air Quality

The government run Energywise website points out that “Good ventilation is essential to maintain air quality” and remove excess moisture in your home. Having a draughty house is not the same as good ventilation.” The article goes on to point out that ventilation also stops dampness in the house – which can be identified through symptoms such as condensation and mould. Ensuring healthy living through home ventilation is particularly important in modern, energy efficient homes as they are increasingly airtight and therefore lack natural ventilation.

If you live in or plan to build a modern energy efficient home – one of the last things on your mind may be the indoor air quality. However, it is a fact that many new homes have problems with condensation and indoor air quality due to lack of ventilation causing high humidity levels affecting the health of the occupants.

Asthma and allergy symptoms are increasingly common – as houses (with home ventilation) become more and more airtight – some kind of air ventilation system will be beneficial to ensure healthy living.

Remove Moisture to Ensure Healthy Living

The Department of Energy’s website highlights the importance of ventilation in energy efficient homes to avoid health effects of contaminants present in most homes such as: formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and radon. the department also highlights that moisture control is the key to mould prevention and avoiding structural damage.

The SAM solar ventilation system will introduce fresh pre-heated air into the home to remove moisture and to ensure adequate home ventilation, as natural ventilation (as per the departments definition) generally is undesirable in winter as it will lead to significant heat losses.

A ventilation fan will bring warm, dry air into the house from the SAM solar air heater. The positive pressure will remove moisture by pushing it out through vents (e.g. kitchens, bathrooms) and small openings around doors, windows, which will provide effective humidity control, whilst also contributing solar heating without any cost, creating great home ventilation.

Click on the link if you would like to know more about the Solar Heating Benefits of the SAM ventilation system.

Reduce Condensation with Solar Home Ventilation

SAM is an effective alternative to dehumidifiers

A strong indication that your home has insufficient home ventilation is condensation in the house. Condensation will form on the windows as a result of high internal moisture levels/humidity. In more serious cases the condensation will stay on the windows all or most of the day and the water will run down the windows eventually resulting in mould on windowsills – and possibly even mould on windows if you lack good home ventilation.

The SAM solar home ventilation system will remove moisture from the home as described above and will effectively act as a dehumidifier, although the principle is different to conventional dehumidifiers, the result is similar with the added benefits of solar heating and not having to empty the dehumidifier. 

A SAM Solar House Ventilation System will reduce condensation and may stop condensation in the house and on windows by introducing fresh warm and dry air whenever the sun shines (perfect home ventilation)

SAM ventilation systems may also be used for drying rooms.

A Solar Air Ventilation system will not only ensure a healthy indoor climate – and improve indoor air quality through whole home ventilation, solar house ventilation also has significant potential to assist you in your efforts to create a sustainable solar passive home at the same time.

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