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Live Solar Air Module Data

This page shows the output of a 4 Solar Air Module (SAM) unit system a customer installed in 2013. We are one of the first companies to keep long-term data of our product’s performance—and here we present you with live evidence of the SAM unit’s potential. In this page you will find the raw heat output of the SAM collectors, as well as the temperature of the room being treated by the SAM ventilation unit. You will also find the temperature of the outside ambient air, which you can compare with the internal room temperature.

CSIRO has recently been presented with the 4 years of data from this system and were impressed by the methodology applied as well as the sheer amount of data!

(Glen Waverley 3150, Melbourne)

Watts per Hour

These graphs display the overall watts of power produced by the SAM solar panels working in tangent with the solar collectors in order to distribute the collected heat throughout the ducting via in-line fans. However, the heat itself has been measured & recorded in the graphs below.

Internal duct temperature (°C)

These graphs display the heat inside the SAM system ducting. The heat is collected in the SAM units, which is then distributed through the ducting via fans into the rooms and living spaces below.

Internal room temperature (°C)

These graphs display the heat distributed from the SAM collectors through the ducting into the living spaces and rooms in the home. Especially so in winter, an unheated home can quite easily reach below ten degrees Celsius! This particular home is situated in Melbourne, where such temperatures through winter are particularly unforgiving and cool. As you can see, the SAM unit provides heat able to keep the home at a pleasant temperature.

SAM collector temperature (°C)

These graphs quite simply display the heat generated inside the SAM collector units. This is where the solar heating starts, and is then distributed inside the living spaces of the home.

Outside ambient temperature (°C)

These graphs represent the ambient temperature outside. If you compare these temperatures to those of the SAM heating, you can see a large improvement in overall heat in the collector, and in the home itself.

Rate of airflow (m3/h)

And finally, a graph to indicate the rate of airflow that the SAM system provides in order to warm your home sufficiently.

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