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Sustainable Solar Heating and Cooling


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100% Free Running Cost Efficient Solar Heating System

An environmentally-conscious product for heat contribution which also address indoor air quality—both in the modern home and older houses. During cold, sunny days you will receive a heat contribution within your home and increase the efficiency of your existing heating system. The SAM solar heating system provides great solar heating and allows you to create a solar drying cupboard.

We put you & your home heating needs first. With over 750 units sold, we are confident that our system is right for you.

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How Does The SAM (Solar Air Module) Work?

As shown below in the cross section, the SAM gathers the cool air in from the holes in the back of the module, which is then heated up by the sun. Once the sun heats up the cool air, it will be brought into the home using a solar fan through a duct. (The warm air can be ducted in from the roof or near the floor)

SAM Solar Heating: Key Features

The SAM solar heating system is loaded with features, added specifically to keep your home warm during winter. The SAM solar air heater has the most up to date technology and features, and is suitable for any type of home.

Solar House Heating Contribution

The modular SAM (Solar Air Module) delivers fresh air into your home whenever the sun is shining and therefore doubles as a clean air ventilation system.

Mould and Condensation

By ducting the warm air from a SAM solar air heater into a small room/cupboard such as a laundry or dedicated drying room, you can set up your own solar clothes dryer.

How to Get Rid of Dust Mites

The most effective way to get rid of dust mites & asthma management triggered by dust mites, is to reduce and control …

Heat Recovery System

If you find that the temperature in your roof space over the colder months of the year simply isn’t high enough – adding a number of SAM’s to your system is probably …

Solar Pre-Heating

You can increase the efficiency of your existing ducted heating system by adding Solar Air Modules for pre-heating the air – requiring less energy to run the system.

Modular System

Add units however and whenever you like! Not only does the SAM let you duct the heat contribution wherever you like, but the more powerful solar heating contribution you need, the more modules you can stick together! It’s really that easy.

Get The SAM Solar Heating System Installed!

What You’ve Seen Are Just Some of the Main Benefits of SAM. Here’s More!

  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Fully Customisable Module System
  • Commercial and Residential
  • Wake Up To A Warm Home
  • Customisation Options For Your Home
  • Modular System
  • Solar Fan To Draw Heat Into The Home
  • DIY Available
  • Add Modules Easily
  • Thermostat Options Available
  • Sleek Design on Your Roof
  • In Ground Cooling Available
  • Reduces Damp Air Build Up
  • Pushes Out Stale Air
  • Reduced Need For Conventional Dryers