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Have you considered how you could make your existing heating system more efficient?

You can increase the efficiency of your existing ducted heating system by adding Solar Air Modules for solar pre-heating of the air – requiring less energy to run the system.

SAM systems for solar pre-heating can be added on to existing ducted heating systems.

solar heating

SAM collects warm air in its panels when exposed to the sun. During sunny days you may be able secure a significant amount of heat without any running costs, that can then contribute to the existing heating system in your home. You can do this by using the fan in the heating system to draw warm air from the collectors and distribute it via the ducted solar pre-heating system.

The same goes for using the SAM’s for solar pre-heating option for when you are using a gas heater. When the collector temperature is high enough to provide a heat contribution – and will open the valve to draw warm air form the heat collectors – and when this is not the case – e.g. at night or in rainy conditions – the controller will open the damper to draw air via the normal “return” air supply.

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