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What is GES?

Global Eco Solutions is an Australian-owned provider of wholesale home ventilation & lighting products.
Let’s be honest with you—we’re in the business of helping you keep comfortable AND sustainable.

Tell me more about Solar Air Module

Solar Air Module is an innovation that as improved a European designed solar air collector to make it suitable for the extreme Australian climate. Introduced in 2009, Solar Air Module offers increased modularity & flexibility over other international designs, improving solar panel lifespan and ability to scale and add to existing systems.

The design incorporates features necessary for Australian roofing & environment. Rather than offering one long solar collector, SAM separates collectors into evenly sized units that can be ‘stacked’, opening the option to extend your system should you need more heat or fresh air contribution to your home.

Our ethos is simple:

    • Work closely with our manufacturers and test our products to ensure consistent heating,
    • Offer stellar Quality of Service for our customers,
    • Offer a tailored quote & design according to a customer’s needs,
    • Work to reduce consumers’ energy usage.

Tell me more about Global Eco Solutions

Global Eco Solutions (GES) has been committed to providing sustainable solar-powered products to the Australian market since 2005. We strive to help consumers reduce their reliance on electric heating & air conditioning. We’ve also branched into Sub Floor Ventilation for home health improvement, as well as sustainable lighting with Solar Light Whiz.

Arne Hachmann (founder and Managing Director) worked as a business development consultant in Denmark, and later set up a distribution network to Australia. This evolved into GES. Since our humble one-man-band beginnings, GES has since grown to a team of 10, providing sustainable solar-powered products to consumers right across Australia.

Interested in learning more about GES and Solar Whiz?
Check out our Industry Leaders TV Spotlight!

“Being a leader in the solar ventilation and solar lighting industry is about changing the mindset of the consumer, introducing them to new environmentally-friendly technology.

I’m most proud of having brought solar ventilation to Australia, being on track to making solar ventilation a mainstream product, and having helped thousands of people turn hotboxes into comfortable homes.”

Arne Hachmann

Managing Director, Global Eco Solutions

Solar Whiz

The Smart Way to Stay Cool

SW unit edited
“The fans are performing great! They really are the best thing we have done. The fans make such a big difference and this week will be another good test!

“The Solar Whiz vents have been making a massive difference. We are so happy with the purchase and I recommend it to anyone we have over.”

Tania Jorquera

Melbourne, VIC

Solar Light Whiz

Skylight Alternatives

“Thanks for getting the lights to us super fast. In regards to the actual system and the output of the LED panels—THEY ABSOLUTELY ROCK. They have exceeded my expectations, especially in low light.

“I am trying to convince everyone who takes a look at our new renovations to look into installing some. Many thanks for all your help.”

James Gregory

Port Macquarie, NSW