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Solar Air Module (SAM) Price Lists

SAM is a ventilation & heating system designed to keep air fresher, and warmer. It’s perfect for creating ‘drying rooms’, or reducing the workload for your in-home heaters to keep the home comfortable and warm.

Recommended Retail Price Excl Freight from Melbourne
(Product Updated July 2017)

Cat. No.Product nameProduct DescriptionIncl GST
  Solar Air Module 
SAM1001SAMSAM 1 SQM module$ 399.00
  Thermostat & Fan Kit 
SAM11018 W Fan kit w/thermostatComplete Fan kit with thermostat$ 490.00
SAM110216 W Fan kit w/thermostatComplete Fan kit with thermostat$ 513.00
  Solar Panel 
SAM1218PV panel 18 W18 Watt Mono Crystalline PV Panel$ 123.00
SAM1235PV panel 35 W35 Watt Mono Crystalline PV Panel$ 210.00
SAM121918 W PV Tilt Frame18 W MC PV on tilt frame$ 185.00
SAM123635 W PV Tilt Frame35 W MC PV on tilt frame$ 245.00
  Roof mounting kit with roof penetration 
SAM1311Roof mounting1 module Tile$ 355.00
SAM1312Roof mounting2 modules Tile$ 410.00
SAM1313Roof mounting3 modules Tile$ 538.00
SAM1314Roof mounting4 modules Tile$ 702.00
SAM1315Roof mounting5 modules Tile$ 855.00
SAM1321Roof mounting1 module Metal$ 287.00
SAM1322Roof mounting2 modules Metal$ 355.00
SAM1323Roof mounting3 modules Metal$ 488.00
SAM1324Roof mounting4 modules Metal$ 622.00
SAM1325Roof mounting5 modules Metal$ 745.00
DUC200F6150AR1.0150 mm R1 Insulated Ducting$ 122.00
DUC Y 150150150Y Piece 150x150x150$ 28.00
DUC300 DJ150150 MM Outlet for SAM$ 37.00
SAM11118 W Inline fan12 Volt$ 110.00
SAM111216 W Inline fan12 Volt$ 135.00
SAM1121150 mm Flanges $ 15.00

– Excludes Installation –

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