1. Does SAM Really Work?

2. How Many SAM Units Do I Need?

3. What components come in a standard SAM system?

4. What sort of heat contribution can I expect from my SAM system?

5.Is there a local dealer/installer near me?

6. Will the SAM work for my roofs particular configuration?

7. How much does it cost to run a SAM?

8. What is the primary application for the SAM systems?

9. Where do I put the outlet for my SAM system?

10. What are the benefits of a SAM system?

11. Is there data available that will give me an indication of the SAM’s performance?

12. What are your product warranties?

13. How do I claim warranty service?

14. My warranty has expired- Can I purchase replacement parts?

15. Can I turn my SAM off?

16. How difficult is it to install a SAM system?

17. Where are the SAM modules manufactured?

18. Why shouldn’t I mount the SAM flat on my roof?

19. How do I order a SAM system?

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