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Frequently asked questions

1. Does SAM Really Work
In Australia we receive heat radiation up to 1100 watt/square metre during spring and autumn, and 1000 watt/square metre during winter – a large amount of untapped heat potential for the colder months of the year. SAM modules harness this heat and effectively bring it into your home by pure solar means, reducing the strain on overworked gas heating systems and saving you money! So yes, SAM really does work!

2. How Many SAM Units Do I Need?
1x SAM Module- Provides Heat Contribution up to approx 33 square metres.
2x SAM Modules- Provides Heat Contribution up to approx 66 square metres.
3x SAM Module- Provides Heat Contribution up to approx 100 square metres.
4x SAM Modules Provide Heat Contribution up to approx 130 square metres.

3. What components come in a standard SAM system?
A SAM system comprises the SAM module(s), 8 or 16 Watt fan kit, metal or tile roof kit and 18 or 35 Watt PV panel to power the fan. For a SAM system with 3 or more modules, you will require a 16 Watt fan kit and 35 watt PV panel.

4. What sort of heat contribution can I expect from my SAM system?
The estimated temperature rise of the air brought into the home on a clear sunny day is expected to be as outlined below (for an 8 watt fan – less for higher capacity fans):

1 unit – 15°
2 units – 24°
3 units – 32°
4 units – 39°
5 units – 45°

5. Is there a local dealer/installer near me?
You can find your closest dealer by looking through our Dealer List.

6. Will the SAM work for my roofs particular configuration?
One of the biggest benefits of SAM is its flexibility. The modular nature of SAM means you can set it up to suit your specific application. Not only can it provide a great heat contribution, but it also can help to reduce condensation, mould, mildew and musty smells.

The SAM can also be used for applications such as drying rooms; where a small cupboard or laundry is set up with drying racks and the pre-warmed and dry air from the SAM effectively dries the clothes.

7. How much does it cost to run a SAM?
The SAM system is absolutely FREE to run in a standard setup.

8. What is the primary application for the SAM systems?
Most commonly, the SAM is used to provide a home with a heat contribution. The SAM naturally provides the home with a drying effect and will help to eliminate condensation issues.

The drying effect also reduces or prevents mould and mildew issues, and minimizes the risk of asthma incidents.

9. Where do I put the outlet for my SAM system?
The best place to put the outlet for your SAM would be in a place where people frequent the most (i.e. a lounge room, kitchen etc.). You can choose to leave doors open in the house throughout the day to allow the heat to flow through the home.

10. What are the benefits of a SAM system?

  • Provides a free heat contribution from the sun
  • Increased efficiency of existing heating
  • Ensures a healthy and comfortable living environment
  • Keeps buildings fresh and dry
  • Eliminates mould and mildew
  • Improves air quality
  • Minimizes condensation
  • Saves you money

11. Is there data available that will give me an indication of the SAM’s performance?
There is Live SAM Data for your convenience to see how it is performing live in a home in Melbourne, Australia.

We have data logged and available for you to see. These readings were taken during the winter solstice, so should give a good indication as to the kind of heat contribution that can be expected during winter.

12. What are your product warranties?
The SAM comes with a 2-year warranty on all components and 10 years on the PV panel. For more information on our warranty policy, please head over to our GES site.

13. How do I claim warranty service?
The best way to claim a warranty is to get in touch with the dealer you purchased your system from. If you ordered your SAM system directly through GES in Melbourne, please contact us directly on 1300 609 997 to organize your warranty.

To be eligible for warranty, you need to make sure you complete a warranty registration form upon installation of your SAM. You can obtain these from the dealer who did the installation.

14. My warranty has expired – Can I purchase replacement parts?
Contacting the dealer who you purchased the unit through is the easiest way to organize replacement parts that are outside the warranty.

15. Can I turn my SAM off?
The SAM system is thermostatically controlled, so yes you can turn the SAM off by adjusting the temperature.

16. How difficult is it to install a SAM system?
Installing a SAM system can certainly be a DIY job! Anyone with the skills to work on a roof and who is relatively handy should be able to install the SAM. We can provide detailed installation instructions to help as well.

Alternatively, we have excellent dealers/installers in a lot of places around the country that can come and do it for you.

17. Where are the SAM modules manufactured?
The SAM modules are designed by GES for Australian conditions and manufactured in China according to our specifications and quality expectations.

18. Why shouldn’t I mount the SAM flat on my roof?
The SAM is designed to be mounted at an angle of approx. 55° (southern states) in order to maximize the amount of heat the unit gets throughout the course of the year. If the unit was to be mounted flat to the roof it would significantly reduce the amount of heat captured by the modules – but it is possible – and has been done before.

19. How do I order a SAM system?
The easiest way to order your SAM system is to get in contact with your local dealer. Alternatively, if you don’t have a dealer within a reasonable distance of you, you can contact GES directly on 1300 609 997.

If You Have Any Other Questions Feel Free To Call Us On 1300 609 997

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