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Our Range of SAM: Solar Air Module Products

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SAM: Solar Air Module is a reliable home heating system that pumps warm, fresh air into your home. Even in the midst of a cold winter, the solar collector modules will collect ambient heat produced by the sun. 

These units can offer a passive heat contribution under optimal conditions of around the following:

  • 3 Cells: 32 °C
  • 4 Cells: 39 °C
  • 5 Cells: 45 °C

Interested in reading into the specifications of our units? Check out our product list below, and click on them to discover how the SAM system works together to help keep your home comfortable, healthy & warm!

8W Inline Fan

8W Inline Fan

The 8W Inline Fan is the smaller of the two inline fans we provide. This fan runs quietly, yet efficiently—ideal for warming individual rooms, or for drying rooms.

Expanded 8W Fan Specifications

Model SAM1111
Capacity 350 m3/h
Wattage 8 Watt
Fan Decible <40 Decibels (dBA)


SAM Collector Module

SAM Collector

This SAM Solar Collector Module a large solar inductor that collects radiated heat from ambient sunlight, and pumps it into your home through one of the two fans we offer.

Expanded Collector Specifications
Model SAM1001
Weight 14kg
Glass 4mm Safety Glass (Tempered & Patterned)
Material Aluminium Frame & Backing
Dimensions 1000mm × 1000mm × 92mm
16W Inline Fan

16W Inline Fan

The 16W Inline Fan is the stronger of the two inline fans we provide. This fan is efficient, and is powerful enough to distribute airflow through a multi-ducted system.

Expanded 16W Fan Specifications
Model SAM1112
Capacity 490 m3/h
Wattage 16 Watt
Fan Decible <40 Decibels (dBA)


Differential Thermostat

Differential Thermostat

The Differential Thermostat comes standard with a SAM system & allows you to adjust which temperature you wish your SAM system to shut off. This offers more flexibility & temperature control over its analogue cousin.

Expanded Differential Thermostat Specifications
Model SAM1118
Voltage 12V
Weight <1 kg
Analogue Thermostat

Analogue Thermostat

The Analogue Thermostat is a straight-forward and simpler thermostat, offering a modest temperature range & style.

Expanded Analogue Thermostat Specifications
Model SW1112C
Voltage 12-240V
Weight <1 kg


A SAM: Solar Air Module system works as soon as the sun starts shining, giving passive heat contribution through-out cool weather days. If you’re serious about trying to reduce your heating costs, a SAM system is ideal for you.

On top of heat contribution in your home, SAM assists with…

  1. Increasing heating efficiency,
  2. Moisture management,
  3. Condensation control,
  4. Indoor air quality.

Interested in finding out more about SAM: Solar Air Module? Check out our information page to find out what SAM is all about.

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