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In those windy, blustery and rainy days, you need to make sure that you take all possible steps to keep warm and cosy in your home.

Here are 3 tips for heating your home in winter, which you can use to make sure that you keep the heat in and the cool air out.

1. Rug Up

If your home relies on tiles or hardwood, keeping the heat in using rugs is an ideal and low cost solution. While it will keep the children’s feet of the tiles, separating your feet from the cold floor means that the rest of your body won’t get cold. By using a natural rug in your home, you’ll be able to stay comfortable all year round.

2. Don’t Waste Heat On Rooms You’re Not Using

When you have a Solar Air Module installed, it’s extremely important to target the areas of the home you want heated. While using a SAM system, you would have initially set it up to target certain rooms (whether that be bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms). To keep the system as effective and strong as possible, be sure to close off areas of the house which aren’t being used.

3. It’s all about layers

Throughout winter, you’ll be familiar with the change of wardrobe and layering sequence to keep warm. Keep in mind when you have a Solar Air Heater installed, it can only heat the home so much,  so make sure to use warm clothing to your advantage. This will not only lower the burden on your solar heating system, but will keep you feeling comfortable.

Overall, keeping warm throughout winter using your Solar Air Module is a great option and when used in conjunction with the 3 tips above, you won’t even feel the winter chill!

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