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Solar Air Cooling and Conditioning

By installing a Solar Air Module (SAM) with an optional cooling fan you’ll be surprised by the air cooling results.

We offer 3 options to help cool your home:

  1. Heat Extraction Kit
  2. Cool-In Kit
  3. In Ground Cooling Kit

The heat extraction fan is powered by the PV panel and controlled by the thermostat supplied with your SAM system. The fan will be installed above the ceiling or high on a wall to remove hot air from the interior of your house.

The cool-in fan can effectively be used to bring cool air into the building, if cool air of a satisfactory quality is available from around the building or under the building (e.i. the sub floor area).


In Ground Cooling System

In addition to the above setup, the system may be improved even further by burying PE-tubes in the ground and letting the extra fan ‘breathe’ through these. This cooling system will use the cooling effect of the even lower ground temperature to help reduce the temperature indoors. The In Ground Cooling System enables you to cool your house or office by drawing fresh cooled air in through a series of pipes buried 0.4 – 0.6 metres underground.

Ideally the air intake should be in a cool, shaded area outside and the pipes installed in slightly damp ground e.g. where a garden is watered, as the evaporation of moisture increases the efficiency of the cooling system  The In Ground cooling system has proved very effective in Australian conditions, not only helping you keep cool, but also ensuring good ventilation throughout summer. Every installation is different, however, based on customer feedback from earlier installations – we have concluded that the average system on a hot 35 degrees day supplies about cool air of 21 degrees into your home, at an estimated airflow of 60 -100 cbm/h, without any running cost or carbon emissions. If the airflow is increased, the temperature drop will be reduced, however, as long as the temperature from the IGC is lower than the temperature in the room – higher airflow will generally be more effective. For optimum performance it might be necessary to regulate the airflow depending on outside ambient temperature.

The IGC is normally installed to introduce fresh air from the outside into the house to improve air quality and ventilate the home or office.

It is possible to set the IGC up to recycle the air from the house, which on warm days will  increase the cooling effect, but you will miss out on the benefits of introducing fresh air!

IGC – not a Solar Air Conditioner

IGC is not a Solar Air Conditioner, however, it offers a sustainable natural ventilation alternative to A/C, which costs nothing to operate. Normally running the IGC will enable you to keep temperatures in one room at an acceptable level without spending money on air conditioning.
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