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SAM Testimonials and Feedback

“The SAM (Solar Air Module) system pumps huge amounts of fresh, warm and dry air into the house, which keeps the ambient temperature at a comfortable 20+ C for long periods of time. This has reduced both our overall heating cost and reliance on fossil fuels.”

Michael Matuschka, Ulladulla, NSW

Solar Air Module Reviews

4 x SAM Module System for Solar Heating

Supplied and Installed by Southern Eco Products, Ulladulla (NSW)


“My family installed a four panel SAM (Solar air Module) system which works really well in our home in Ulladulla on the South Coast of New South Wales. Our home is a large and long home, which was designed to be as thermally efficient as we could afford. Nonetheless, we still depended on either electric or (bottle) natural gas heating in the colder months. In recent years both electricity and gas costs have kept increasing substantially.

We are a family of five who are environmentally conscious and are aware of the negative health effects that can result from pumping too many gas particles into the home. For these reasons we looked around for a supplementary heating system which would warm and dry the house, offset long term heating expenses, meet our environmental standards and provide superior health outcomes . The SAM system meets our needs. When the sun is shining, huge amounts of warm, dry and importantly, fresh air is pumped into the house. The effect of this is the ambient temperature in the house reaches 20+C, keeping the home warm for long periods of time. As a result we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuel heating sources between 60 -80%, depending on the weather conditions. From our perspective the air in the house is also ‘fresher’.

Our home now meets our needs, with a solar power system, connected to the grid, solar hot water, a ‘solar whiz’ extraction fan, and a four panel SAM system. We are very pleased we installed a SAM system (and the ‘solar whiz’) and I would recommend it as a way to offset heating expenses and meet health and environmental needs.

Michael Matuschka, Ulladulla, NSW

3x SAM (Solar Air Module) System for Solar Heating

Supplied and Installed by Insulation Superstore, Southern Highlands (NSW)

“This customer has installed the SAM Units to provide heat to the cold end of her house. The SAM’s are ducted into the hallway outside the bedrooms, office and laundry, effectively warming an area of approximately 80 Square meters.
This installation was not without its challenges, as we couldn’t penetrate the bituminous membrane on the flat roof, and therefore needed to duct through the fascia board on the upper level of the roof”.

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