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Nicklas’ Home – Sustainable House Day

Supplied and installed by one of our Victorian dealers:


Thank you for coming out to Niklas’s home for Sustainable House Day! As you might have witnessed, Niklas is the proud owner of fourteen SAM solar collection units located on his roof. These solar collectors power his SAM system which ensures he makes a whopping 40% saving on his heating bills. With his SAM system working in conjunction with home heating, he is able to keep a stable temperature without throttling his heating.

SAM systems are fantastic for ensuring your home is getting warm, fresh air to help your home heating. They’re also fantastic for creating drying cupboards, should you

In addition, his SAM system also assists home cooling through night time summer purging! Those muggy summer nights & mornings are no problem for a well-ventilated home.
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sustainable house day - front viewsustainable house day - back view