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Prevent Mould – Solar Humidity Control –  Stop Condensation

As outlined under Reduce Mould, Mustiness, Mildew, Dampness on the Solar Ventilation website, it is of utmost importance to keep your home or work environment fresh and dry by exercising humidity control in order to maintain a healthy indoor environment to prevent mould, asthma and allergy symptoms from developing.

How To Stop Condensation And Mould In Your Home

The above council website provide valuable background information into what causes mustyness and mould problems – and how to stop condensation, prevent mould and secure a dry home.


The council recommends low level heating for reducing condensation on windows etc. combined with ventilation to remove moisture before droplets form condensation on windows and other cold surfaces.




Mould Prevention & Moisture control

According to the EPA website for mould resources, Moisture control is the to mould control. The page also include: “Ten things You should KNow about Mould”.Install SAM solar ventilation in your home to Prevent mould and mustiness whilst ensuring a healthy indoor climate. The SAM system doubles as a solar dehumidifier, which remove moisture from your home by introducing fresh, warm and dry air, which pushes moist and stale air out through small (or big) openings in the building envelope.



Humidity Control – Dehumidify with SAM

The website explains very well the reasons why to dehumidify, or carry out alternative humidity control, or simply keeping your home dry is so important for asthmatics and people with allergies in order to:

  • Reduce asthma attacks
  • Reduce dust mites
  • Reduce airborne allergens

Dust-mites and Asthma Symptoms

Solar moisture control reduces moisture levels in the home. A well ventilated and dry home generally has a low level of dust-mites – and the occupants are therefore less likely to show or develop Asthma Symptoms.

Natural  Solar Ventilation assists you in humidity control and provides asthma relieve  as well as reduced risk for developing allergies and other respiratory problems by reducing dust mites and mould growth.

Other SAM benefits include:

  • Mould prevention
  • Mildew prevention
  • Reduced condensation on windows
  • Reduced dampness
  • Reduced mustiness
  • Moisture control
  • Remove moisture
  • Acts a dehumidifier

Dehumidify with the SAM Solar Dehumidifier for a Dry Home

The most common method to reducing humidity and prevent mould and mustiness in homes is to purchase a dehumidifier to dehumidify the home. However conventional dehumidifiers are expensive to operate and must be emptied regularly. A solar ventilator integrated with a solar air collector will dehumidify the home and provide all the same benefits as a conventional dehumidifier, but without any ongoing cost, no electricity usage and no carbon emissions! Using SAM as a Solar dehumidifier is free – once installed) and sustainable, whilst also proving healthy living and asthma relieve. Dehumidify your home with SAM.

Furthermore solar de-humidification using solar ventilation and heating to perform the task of a dehumidifier by introducing filtrated and heated fresh air into your house, will not only dehumidify and help improve the indoor climate and lower humidity levels, it will also help you reduce your heating bill through:

  • Direct Heat Contribution – Solar Air Heating System
  • Increasing the efficiency of existing heating systems
  • Lowering the  temperature required to feel comfortable

Solar air heating introduces fresh warm and dry air to the home, which reduces the moisture content – and prevents or reduces the risk of mould and mildew developing, which in turn improves the indoor air quality and ensures healthy living.

How to prevent unnecessary condensation in homes

This leaflet provides good practical advice regarding humidity control to secure a dry home and how to prevent mould growth through Humidity control.

Protect you health, make sure you have a dry home and prevent mould in your home by installing a SAM Ventilation System for effective humidity control to reduce or stop condensation. 

A SAM solar ventilation system will in effect perform the task of a dehumidifier, but without power consumption and the need to empty it.

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