SAM: Sustainable Solar Heating and Cooling

The SAM Modular Heating Solution No Running Cost contributes directly towards the heating by adding up to 45 degrees Using 5 SAM Units to the outside ambient air temperature.

100% Free Running Cost Efficient Solar Heating System

Our #1 priority is you, the customer. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. During cold sunny days you will be receive a heat contribution within your home and increase the efficiency of your existing heating system. The SAM solar heating system provides great solar heating and allows for your solar drying cupboard.

How Does The SAM (Solar Air Module) Work?

As shown below in the cross section, the SAM gathers the cool air in from the holes in the back of the module, which is then heated up by the sun. Once the sun heats up the cool air, it will be brought into the home using a solar fan through a duct. (The warm air can be ducted in the roof or near the floor)


SAM: Key Features

The SAM heating system is loaded with features, added specifically to keep your home warm during winter. The SAM solar air heater has the most up to date technology and features, and is suitable for any type of home.


Solar House Heating Contribution

The modular SAM (Solar Air Module) delivers fresh air into your home whenever the sun is shining and therefore doubles as a clean air ventilation system.
Drying Cupboard

Drying Room

By ducting the warm air from a SAM air heater into a small room/cupboard such as a laundry or dedicated drying room, you can set up your own solar clothes dryer.
Dust Mite Control

Dust Mite Control

The most effective way to kill dust mites and therefore prevent asthma triggered by dust mites is to reduce and control humidity through ventilation with fresh preheated air. The SAM provides fresh air to flow through the home and keep a clean and well ventilated home.
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SAM Moisture Control

The moisture control by the SAM Ventilation system will  have a positive impact on house hold triggers such as pollen, pets and reducing condensation.
Mouldy Shoes 007

Mould and Condensation

A SAM solar ventilation system will in effect perform the task of a dehumidifier, but without power consumption and the need to empty it.
SAM40 Leopold

Heat Recovery System

If you find that the temperature in your roof space over the colder months of the year simply isn’t high enough (arguably you need 25-30 degrees) to give you a significant heat contribution  – adding a number of SAM’s to your system is probably all you need to do to boost the performance!
Asthma management with naturalventilation

Solar Pre-Heating

You can increase the efficiency of your existing ducted heating system by adding Solar Air Modules for pre-heating the air – requiring less energy to run the system.
Longwarry 4 SAM Modules 2

Modular System

Add units however and whenever you like! Not only does the SAM let you duct the the heat contribution wherever you like, but the more powerful heat contribution you need the more modules you can stick together! It’s really that easy.
Sam Performance 2013617

SAM Performance Chart

We are pleased to share some of this winter’s data logging with you, to allow you to see what GES has achieved in way of heating with our SAM Solar Heater.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Fully Customizable Module System

  • No Running Costs

  • Commercial and Residential

  • Modular System

  • DIY Available

  • Solar Fan To Draw Heat Into The Home

  • Customization Options For Your Home

  • Add Modules Easily

  • Thermostat Options Available

  • Solar Cooling Option

  • Sleek Design on Your Roof

  • In Ground Cooling Available

  • Reduces Damp Build Up

  • Warm/Fresh Air Contribution

  • Pushes Out Stale Air

  • Reduced Need For Conventional Dryers

  • Wake Up To A Warm Home

  • Sub-Floor Ventilation Alternatives

  • Wall Mounting Available

  • Easily Tilt To Attract Ultimate Sun

  • Helps Rotting Floor Boards & Stumps

  • Prevent/Resolve Crumbling Brickwork


SAM Testimonials

 The SAM system pumps huge amounts of fresh, warm and dry air into the house, which keeps the ambient temperature at a comfortable 20+ C for long periods of time. This has reduced both our overall heating cost and reliance on fossil fuels.
Michael Matuschka, Ulladulla, NSW
SAM has performed really well, last week we had pretty warm conditions for this time of year, the days were really clear, therefore allowing SAM to work hard for at least 4-5 hours at max. We didn’t require any other heating for about 5 days in a row. 
Sam Stephens (2 SAM system), Shepparton VIC

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